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Tasting Experiences

Concept Overview:
From the comfort of your own home, dive into an interactive, personalized, virtually hosted wine tasting session with Certified Sommelier/ beverage expert and host, Ini G. Uko. This is a fun and educational experience designed for individuals, friends, or organizations to partake in. You will be enthralled exploring the flavor profiles of featured wines and spirits; enlightened by Ini’s expert analysis; and absorbed in learning about associated essentials– such as food pairings, and tips on wine buying. Also included is a freestyle Q&A component within this presentation.

How it works?
• Participation is open to all, with the only requirement being an ability and desire to partake and enjoy wine and distilled beverages. If you are the leader or organizer of a group or business, or would like to set up a social function, please take a moment to write to us in the “Connect with Ini” section of this website.

• A variety of packages are available, depending on your preferred theme for this event, and other aspects. Upon engagement of Ini’s services, beverages are selected and ordered in advance of the event by a highly reliable and timely procurement service.

• On the event day, participants log in to the prescribed online forum. Additional to the guided narration, this event includes visual aids, and afterwards a summary document of key points is emailed to all partakers who are interested.

“Let me make your wine focused event a fun and meaningful experience.” – Ini Gabriel Uko

Ini Gabriel Uko

A CMS Certified Sommelier, a spirits and wine enthusiast, Ini G. Uko currently works for a luxury hotel brand located in New York City. She has over thirteen years of professional experience in restaurants, primarily focusing throughout the last six years on beverage curation and management. Creating fun and meaningful wine focused events in virtual spaces has afforded Ini the opportunity to share her wisdom with a larger and more diverse audience. Ini loves engaging with clients in a variety of capacities– one of her goals being to always exceed client expectations in service and knowledge.

Connect with Ini

Ini would be delighted to hear from you with any event inquiries.

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... and happy drinking!

Photo by Henry Fournier on Unsplash